Welcome to the Library!

Welcome to the [email protected] Some people like to call us a Media Center, but we love the good ole term "library" and all of the warm and fuzzy images that word invokes. Our library is a place where students and teachers all come to consume, collaborate, and create information. We have a wonderful collection of print-based information sources, and strive to connect our users to the highest quality electronic resources as well. We believe that is not only our job to provide and organize these resources, but to help teach our community how to use these resources for their own personal growth and development as students, teachers, and human beings. 

Library Staff

  • School Librarian - Dr. Christa DeisslerSchool Librarian - Dr. Christa Deissler
    Dr. D came back to UPSA in 2015 after a 4 year stint at the University of Georgia. (Go Dawgs!) She was previously the UPE School Librarian from 2008 to 2011 and she is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to return "home" to the students and staff at Union Point. 

  • Library Clerk - Mrs. Bonnie FitzgeraldLibrary Clerk - Mrs. Bonnie Fitzgerald
    Ms. Bonnie has been taking care of the book needs of our students at UPSA since 2008. All of our students and teachers at Union Point know that Ms. Bonnie is there to help them with anything they need. Whether students need help picking the right book,  teachers need assistance gathering resources for their classrooms, or Dr. D needs her to coordinate the setup and operation of the Book Fairs, Ms. Bonnie is always smiling and always helpful! UPSA Library loves Ms. Bonnie!

Audio & eBooks

UPSA Library Learning Commons Programming
  • About Union Point STEAM Academy's Library
    UPSA's Library is a learning place where students can be found any time of the day browsing the stacks, researching on the computers or taking part in lessons taught by the librarian. With a diverse collection, students can choose just the right book for their reading pleasure. A mini-computer lab gives students the opportunity for research, test-taking or completing technology projects. A wide variety of resources supplement instruction and add to the students’ overall learning experience. 
  • Flexible Scheduling:
    Students and teachers have access to the library during all school hours. Teachers may sign up their classes for checkout, have story time, conduct research or for instruction at any time in the week. Collaborative planning is preferred and recommended so that instruction relates to and supports current topics in the classroom. The signup sheet is available on the circulation desk, and the librarian is available for conferences with teachers to discuss library instruction.
  • Scheduling for Mini Computer Lab:
    Our library contains 15 laptops for research and searching the online card catalog (Destiny). Teachers may schedule a time to use the mini computer lab for any class related purpose.
  • Checkout Schedule:
    Individual students (or groups of three or less from the same class) are allowed to come to the library for checkout or for research at any point in the school day that is convenient with the teacher's schedule. Teachers are asked not to send more than three students at a time without prior scheduling.
  • Guidelines for checkout:
    Kindergarten students are allowed to check out ONE book a week at the discretion of their teacher. As the year progresses, Kindergarten checkouts may increase to two books per student as the discretion of the teacher and librarian. Students in grades 1 and 2 are allowed TWO books at a time. Students in grades 3-8 are allowed THREE books at any one time. Books are checked out for a period of two weeks. Students may renew or return books at any time.
  • Lost or Damaged Books:
    Students will be charged for books that are lost or damaged beyond repair. Students must be cleared of all library fines before receiving their report card at the end of the year. The price will be the replacement cost of the book.
  • Library Program Statement of Philosophy and Goals
    The primary objective of the Greene County School System library/media program is to provide resources that will enrich and support the instructional program. The program will focus on the students served – their varied interests, abilities, maturity levels, and socio-economic backgrounds.

    The Greene County School System is concerned with generating an understanding of American freedoms through the development of informed and responsible citizens. The American Association of School Librarians and the Greene County School System assert that the responsibility of the library/media program is to preserve intellectual freedom by placing principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of library/media resources.

    The principles of intellectual freedom are inherent in the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States and are expressed in the Library Bill if Rights adopted by the American Library Association.


The mission of Union Point STEAM Academy is to sustain a culture of high expectations that connects students, parents, and team members to a shared purpose of educating our students in an academically challenging environment, which emphasizes the joy of learning on a daily basis and promotes growth and achievement. 

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