Union Point Elementary is always striving to keep up with the latest advances in technology. In addition to two state-of-the-art computer labs, each classroom has a mini-lab with 2-4 computers.  Every classroom also has a SmartBoard which offers students interactive learning.  Students routinely use digital cameras and a variety of software to supplement learning.

Exceptional Students

Union Point Elementary has several programs to serve the need of all students. Services are provided for learning disabilities, mild intellectual disabilities, behavior disorders, speech/language impairments and other health impairments. Students identified as gifted are served through the services of our gifted teacher.

Early Intervention Program and After School Program

Students who are performing below grade level in reading or math may receive extra instructional assistance through our Early Intervention Program.They may also have the opportunity to participate in our after school program.

Field Trips and School Programs

To enhance the curriculum, students go on field trips each year. Students have the opportunity to study about animals at Rock Eagle, and to experience a variety of enrichment activities in the surrounding areas.

Different performers visit Union Point Elementary each year to share their talent with the students. The Academy Theater from Atlanta, Zoo Atlanta, Athens Creative Theater, Storyteller Josie Bailey, and the Center for Puppetry Arts are just a few of the talented performers who have/will come to Union Point Elementary.

The mission of Union Point STEAM Academy is to sustain a culture of high expectations that connects students, parents, and team members to a shared purpose of educating our students in an academically challenging environment, which emphasizes the joy of learning on a daily basis and promotes growth and achievement. 

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